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" If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself "  
Albert Einstein 


Introduction to the Hexagonal Matrix

Get a first hand knowledge from Roman through those 6 sessions.
A deep transformation through an awakening to the mechanism of creation. A real life changing experience.
Roman is a researcher of alternative paradigms, dedicated to spreading his research. This new knowledge directly challenges the old order and welcomes a new planetary metric for peaceful coexistence, human sovereignty and abundance.

He is also a pioneer in developing non-decimal arithmetic and alternative technology that manifests fractal patterns, morpho-symbiotic fields and molecular mechanisms to create bridges between Science and Spirituality.

Evolving Consciousness with Sacred Arithmetic is an intimate event. The purpose is to support you to learn about the mechanic or the matrix through the understanding of an hermetic knowledge that are relatively unknown or hidden from society. To awaken the sleeping giant of humanity from ignorance into awareness.
This event is a community event where you can connect with others from an open heart. The time to come together, to feel comfortable in being you and having fun is essential.

Roman will guide you to the infinite possibilities, decoding the numbers language to help you to expand your consciousness.
Roman will not be just talking theories but he will give you hands-on exercises that you can apply in your life.
Come and join Roman for a journey between emotion and rationality into the realm of logic and poetry, where the stillness meets the chaos in a dance for evolution.

When : Every Wednesday from

the 19th April to the 24th May

19:00 to 21:30

Location : Anywhere where there is an internet connection

Online Access :
Software download :

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