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Every jar is uniquely and lovingly infused with specifically intentioned energy medicine and they are all made with bucket loads of ancient wisdom and passion, loved by both children and adults.

It's the original traditional recipe that was designed for my children, friends and family as a general Magnesium & cell renewal cream, aiding spectrum issues, and is lovingly made with organic coconut oil known for its healing qualities and to be the ultimate carrier oil to the cells. This cream also contains a healing combination of therapeutic essential oils for sleep and general well being.

The creams are lovingly & traditionally made using only the very very finest sourced organic ingredients and ancient wisdom.

Ingredients are Magnesium flakes, Organic Cacao Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Natural Beewax, Organic Hemp Oil, Essential oils, Vitamin C

No testing on animals.

Apply it under your foot before going to bed

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