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Roman is from a vast field of various modalities of consciousness enhancement including free energy,
sacred geometry, sound healing, neganthropic plasma generator, ocean minerals therapy, DNA reprogramming, quantum music and ancient wisdom.

Roman has a tremendous understanding of complex matters pertaining to consciousness and evolution as well as a researches, experiments and innovation.

His mission is to bring back the simplicity of the ancient wisdom into our modern civilization.

He's also an artist performer that loves giving literally voice to the plants realm, using new technology that allow to do  concerts where human and plants can start to communicate and perform together in the most heart-whelming way.

His fields of interest include reinvigorating food bio magnetic field enhancement, bio resonance and bio architecture, blue economy, cymatics, permaculture, new spiritual paradigm and a host of others.

Roman is very determined to make a difference in this world during his lifetime by reeducating the people on the truths that have been suppressed about frequency, harmony and resonance and its impact on humanity as a collective.

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