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"You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else."
Albert Einstein



Introduction to the Hexagonal Matrix

The Sorce Code Journey




" If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself "  
Albert Einstein 
What if BEING was the ultimate mission of our existence? What if simplicity was actually the ultimate sophistication?
Dive into the 8 Hermetic principles guided by Roman Light.

We’ve been programmed to believe that everything is random, that the Big Bang happened out of the blue, that the earth happened as a coincidence, that there was no order .... But what if there was an order? What if there was a sacred order? A bigger plan? What if there exists a destiny that we can choose to embrace or refuse?

The Sorce Code Journey is a series of 6 sessions during which you can expect to be guided by Roman Light as you experience profound re-evaluation of your relationship with reality. Your experiences throughout the journey will open your consciousness to new perspectives.

There are 8 hermetic principles that you will observe within and reveal to yourself throughout the journey of The Sorce Code.

1. Principle of Awareness
2. Principle of Equivalence
3. Principle of Oscillation
4. Principle of Duality
5. Principle or Cyclicality
6. Principle of Consequentiality
7. Principle of Orientation
8. The lost principle
A deeper understanding of these principles will allow you to adapt faster to events in your life, having greater discernment and a greater understanding of the mechanics of life and how to position yourself in relationship to it.

You will gain this through intellectual understanding, emotional experience and even physical sensations over the 6 weeks. The sessions do not require any particular knowledge, all you require is an open mind.

The Cost:
Tickets to join Roman on this journey of self-discovery and enlightenment are $369 which is fully refundable if after the first session you feel that you do not wish to continue.
*Concession rates will be offered where appropriate – please contact Emily via or 0400296356 to discuss your circumstances.

As part of your Sorce Code Journey, you will receive a bottle of Roman’s “Ormus”: an ancient Egyptian alchemical recipe used to increase awareness and presence and used to level the voice between your mind and your heart. (Valued at $90rrp).

You will also be provided with a ‘Sorce Code’ notebook.

What to bring:
Pen/pencil, cushion to sit on & water bottle. Open mind compulsory

Join the Sorce Studios carpool group (coming soon) so that together we can reduce our carbon footprint on this land.

Roman will guide you to the infinite possibilities, decoding the esoteric, hermetic, sacred and language of numbers to help you to expand your consciousness.
Come and join Roman for a journey between emotion and rationality into the realm of logic and poetry, where the stillness meets the chaos in a dance for evolution.
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