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"You will not be satisfied until you are contributing something to or for the benefit of others."
Walter Annenberg


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The Sorce Code Journey, Introduction to the Hexagonal Matrix

This 6th sessions will shift your perspective of what is possible, helps you tap into your potential and ultimately helps you expand who you are as a human being. Discover the god’s sacred arithmetic mechanism, the 7 Hermetic Laws, the vortex geometry, ancient wisdoms in relation with modern science and more. You will practice within this new matrix to accelerate your awakening, decode your current mind program and experience new possibilities and human abilities.

The benefits are :
1 Become an inspirational intuitive being where you can leverage your time through the power of yourself.

2 Deeper sense of freedom & expansion

3 Empowerment: having potent tools that support you to be navigate in reality

4 Connect with yourself and others in a deep & profound way

5 Letting go of the ego constructs that keep you small, limited and in lack.

6 Be able to think from the heart as you let go / trust / surrender and see the bigger picture of your life

7 Expand your consciousness and raise your vibration to experience yourself in realities that you previously thought to be impossible

8 Know what you stand for & feel excited of what you have to share with the world

Who this is for:

People who are committed to their spiritual evolution & ascension

People who are aligned to the awakening of humanity and the consciousness shift of the planet

Beings who know that intuition is a medium that is important for their personal journey & soul expansion.

Beings who have wisdom but feel trapped, invisible, suppressed, repressed in being able to express this out to the world

Inner critic/mind blocks of feeling like a fraud, not good enough, self-doubt around what I actually know, doubt around capability, fear of judgement and rejection or just that none of this makes sense.

Moving from being in the head to heart-centred

Change agents, truth seekers, trailblazers, difference makers looking to move into a life that is purpose focused and choosing to make a difference in the world.

Feeling excited about exploring yourself expressive abilities

When : Every Tuesday from 3rd March to the 7th April 2020 from 6pm to 9pm

Where : The Arts Yard Bangalow, 99 Bangalow Rd, Bangalow NSW 2479

If you wish to do a bank transfer here are the details :

Name : Manumit Humanity
BSB : 064170
Acc Num : 10664357

Don't forget to put your name on the transaction and send your receipt or screenshot by email to the email :

Thank you

Roman Light

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